shopify doesn't like your opinions
shopify doesn't like your opinions
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Kyle Rittenhouse shirts and Placebo masks banned from Etsy

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banned kyle shirt


Last weekend I sold a lot of shirts. Most of them were not through this website, they were sold through the Etsy sales channel we set up on Thursday morning.

From Friday to Sunday I had 27 orders for the Rittenhouse shirt, some of them for 4-5 shirts. For only one sales channel that's not bad.

Then Sunday the orders stopped. Etsy sent an email letting me know that the Rittenhouse shirt was glorifying violence and had been deactivated. I can kind of see how it might be taken that way, even though I disagree, so I let it go.

Then they took down the Placebo Masks stating it was medical disinformation. 

The next best thing was advertising on Facebook. That lasted about 6 hrs before Facebook decided my ad would be blocked.

It's obvious that the bigger companies would like to direct your opinions in a safe direction. 

You can still buy all kinds of Antifa gear on Etsy and on Facebook, but you can't support self-defense and you certainly can't hold the opinion Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defense.
taken down from Etsy

If you believe that Kyle was in the right for defending himself, share this blog post. This idea is being throttled, and not just my shirts, but anything supporting Rittenhouse is being taken down. 



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  • Max Davis on

    It’s crazy they can decide that Rittenhouse is not allowed even after proving not guilty. I sell stickers on Etsy and they shadow ban Rittenhouse, unless it’s against him. Even ones against him that condone violence against him. The only thing they banned was Rittenhouse.

  • Kevin on

    Is there a place to buy still?

  • Dean Ohman on

    That’s why I bought one and will wear it proudly!

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