shopify doesn't like your opinions
shopify doesn't like your opinions
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Shopify takes down Rittenhouse shirts, helps me understand I was wrong.

fucking banned

Thank Big Brother, for he/she/zim has eliminated another one of my bad thoughts.

I thought it was possible that the Kenosha Killer ( I no longer refer to him as Kyle R******House) was perhaps only guilty of buying cheap optics and going into a dangerous area without proper comms with other rifle-toting Chads. As it turns out, he's guilty of not only MURDER but of making obscene hand gestures, hanging out with white supremacists, working out, having a puppy, and of not breaking his own spirit when the mob demands it so. The audacity of this little bootlicker must be punished.

Thanks to Shopify, or more likely, some gigantic eunach who complained to Shopify, I can no longer sell my Kyle Rittenhouse shirts through Shopify. This is all for the best, as my thinking has been reformed and this act of censorship has in no way radicalized me and made me consider another platform, another form of currency, or another form of protest. 

There are other platforms than Etsy and Shopify. There are other currencies besides the dollar. There are other hosting companies. I'll make the shirts in my basement and sell them on the street corner. I'm not going to stop. I know they're not going to stop. I can wait. 

You can still order the KR shirts. You just have to look up Ryle Kittenhouse in the search bar, or CLICK HERE. Unless you're from Shopify. Then don't do that.

And, if you report my stuff, I know who you are. 

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