We make stuff for people who jump around the political compass depending on their caffeine and alcohol intake for the day.

Principles are great, but commies and collectivists make us want a 2021 Pinochet warlord to systematically violate some NAPs. If that last sentence didn't make sense, that's ok, my boomer neighbor didn't understand it either. 

Dan McCall at libertymaniacs.com was too busy making good designs to make the ideas we kept sending to him, so we took matters into our own hands and started putting ideas to shirts, stickers, hats, and whatever else. 

All profits that don't get siphoned off to Uncle Sam go to buying more ammo, better NVGs, and other fun stuff. 

We hope you find something that you want to wear. And if you don't, let us know so we can make it in the style you're looking for.